Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Men And Women

I don't think there is any difference between men and women. Literally.

I know you'll look at that statement and wonder, but think about it for just a moment:

As I've noticed, people try two methods of distinguishing between men and women. The first is based on anatomy and the other is based on genetics. I'm convinced that the rest is simply societal reinforcement of how we should act as a particular sex.

This leads me to create a distinction between gender and sex. Gender is a complex social and psychological state that varies between every individual.

Sex is... well, sex is kind of vague. There's no real definition, and there's a sneaking suspicion that sex was created solely to enforce gender norms. 'How can this be,' you ask.

1. Genitalia doesn't determine sex to me. This would imply that a man with a large penis is more of a man than someone not so well-endowed... which is ridiculous. Not only is this macho-crap, but it excludes many of the alternative genital expressions.

Many people are born with androgynized genitalia, creating a spectrum of 'manhood' and 'womanhood,' which doesn't bode well for having traditional categories of sex.

2. I used to think chromosomes determined sex until I became a geneticist. In the same manner that the complex process of genital development can vary, so can different chromosomal patterns.

Funny enough, the X and Y chromosome are some of the only chromosomes that nature allows us to play with. This spectrum of sex chromosome expression kind of kills the genetic determinism for 'male' and 'female.' Can't have a polar system when more than two conditions exist.

So, rather than aimlessly searching for another excuse to recreate sex, I'm going to abandon it all together. 'Male' and 'Female' are obsolete terms in my opinion.

This runs contrary to quite a few religious and social dogma sets, but they can be flimsy at times. Almost all religions believe that a human is more than just the collected biochemical processes in their body. We have a human spirit that transcends physical form.

However, there are people who quote dogma that love cannot exist between two people having insufficient anatomical differences. Hmmm, this makes me think that these religious people don't believe in the human soul. That, or they equate 'love' with a horizontal thrusting motion. Love is a bond that transcends physical barriers. To bring it down to what is hanging between another person's legs is basal, don't you think?

There is also the Western-religious argument that woman was created from man, therefore they belong together... Fun, but wasn't man created from a being that had no sexual differentiation? Supposedly, humanity was the first to be split into two sexes... IF you read it literally.

A white Adam and Eve obviously ashamed of their archaic sexual identities

So, I guess this means I can't be bisexual anymore... or gay. I'm kinda stuck with just being me, which is alright in my book.

I'm ok with ambiguity.


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