Friday, August 26, 2005

Public Library Documentaries

Am I the only one that's noticed something rather peculiar?

Often, I borrow documentaries from the Madison Public Library, which I do to avoid spending my time reading books that I'm not really interested in. I simply watch the nicely-packaged, informative tape and, should I find the subject intriguing, I subsequently borrow a book to find out more.

I realize this makes me very dorky, but I find it pleasing to know random facts about the fall of communism, Lithuanian history, and the mating habits of bonobo monkeys.

However, every time I borrow these videos I have to air out my room. Why? Well, it so happens they smell strongly of HIPPY! That earthy, 'I haven't had a bath in fourteen days' odor that is so common in the campus humanities building, cooperative living houses, and Earth First meetings.

My question is: How does one purposefully get a video to smell like a hippy? Is it some plastic that emits a terrible stench? Couldn't they find a 'cleaner' plastic to use? Is the other person who rents documentaries so bad smelling that the odor clings to the video permanently? Would I recognize this person by passing out in public from coming too close to him/her?

Or perhaps the person simply smears the video across their skin, in obvious elation to learn more about the Mesopotamian civilization.

I'm not sure, but they are all disturbing thoughts nonetheless.


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