Thursday, September 28, 2006

Rice and Beans

So, as I've already stated, it can be a problem for people of color to find suitable role models in mainstream society. We are often portrayed in a biased way by movies, news, and other media. For most of my life, I have compared myself to individuals who are so unlike me that it's hard to connect with them. The only things we have in common, sometimes, is the cultural struggle as a person of color.

Yet, the absence of minority public figures is changing. More often, we see influential individuals who are not married white men. Still, Maria from Sesame Street and a handful of social rights activists don't cut it for me. I don't think that people of color should only be role models because they're sticking up for themselves. It's a sad process, that we must make our mark by participating in our own society because we're denied rights and civil liberties. Don't get me wrong, it's admirable, but that doesn't mean it's not sad. It's still rare to find people of color in the media that are not visible only because they're activists or because they're tokenized.

Despite this, I've managed to finally connect with an role model in the people of color community. Not only is the person African American, but this individual is female, which is quite the accomplishment. On top of all this, she is a woman in power. While this isn't exactly the reason I identify with her, since I'm not exactly a powerful black woman, I can definitely respect the effort it takes to be in the media so much and defending yourself constantly. The person is, of course, our own Condoleezza Rice.

The obviously ecstatic Condoleezza Rice

Not only is Condoleezza Rice in a powerful governmental position, but she is extremely dedicated to her job. I mean, it takes a lot to tell the American people that Bush didn't lie about weapons of mass destruction. There's a woman with integrity and dedication, I tell you! Still, many ask me why I don't go for a different role model, like Martin Luther King. Well, there's a problem. You see, one has to connect with a role model that reflects aspects of your own personality. As an evil genius, I can't really get into the whole "helping humanity" aspect of King's efforts. I'd rather defend an institution that I know to be corrupt because it brings me personal benefit and garners more power each day. Yes, Condi, you are my evil person of color role model.

Unparalleled public speaking, plus a bag of chips

Hats off to the woman for pure nerve. I only hope I can be as focused and single-minded as she is when I grow up.