Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I've Found My Candidate

I must admit that I was fairly ambivalent about the 2008 election to this point. I must admit that I voted for a republican candidate in the primaries because I am focused on moving this country towards the procurement of civil liberties. I must admit that I had no particular feeling for any of the candidates and had grown weary of political deceptiveness of a two-party system.

I've changed my mind. I have my candidate.

Please don't get me wrong. I am still firmly dedicated to the vision that government exists solely to transact the maximal safety and liberty of its citizens. I still think that a candidate working within the two-party system is inherently biased towards political device. Despite my VERY STUBBORN way of looking at politics, I recognize a great man when I see one.

I, as of today, support Obama for president of the United States of America.

Obama may not win the presidency. In fact, he is in close race with Clinton right now. When it may have benefited him to let a divisive comment about race relations fade away into the mulch of political battle, he made one of the most important speeches about modern politics that I may know while I am alive. President Bush can pose for as many pictures in front of rubble as he likes, but he will never make the impact on American culture as Obama did yesterday.

A speech like the one given today, and potentially the reasons for giving this speech, is what distinguishes a great man from a normal candidate.

I recognize my philosophy on leadership in his speech. I voted for someone else in the primary because, in the end, a president shouldn't be chosen because of his policy. A president shouldn't be chosen because he supports a detail of legislation, even if that detail excludes gay-rights. A president's job is not to create laws, but rather to lead the American people, whether this leadership is domestic or during times of war. Perhaps I should have paid closer attention before I cast my primary vote.

Obama is a leader. More important, I believe that Obama is capable of leading the American people in a time when some crucial decisions must be made.

I've found my candidate.

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