Monday, June 30, 2008

Self-efficacy and my chosen career

I think I'm going to drop the whole "I want a Ph.D. in the History of Science" thing and go into male belly dancing. While belly dancing, as a profession, doesn't afford me the luxury of using footnotes (1), I think I could do it really well.

Apparently, belly dancing is a social dance in many middle eastern countries, much like polka is for the middle western states. Many cultures belly dance at weddings, celebrations, and other functions. The exotification of the dance happened much later when Europe and North America underwent a period of "orientalization," in this case meaning becoming obsessed with exotic Asian cultures. Historically, there have been both male and female belly dancers. The field was "feminized" during the same period that brought it as an exotic entertainment.

So, given that I could definitely do belly dance, but the History of Science is a less-certain career goal, maybe I should drop this whole academia-nonsense and just stick to what I know would work. I mean, the little cymbals are pretty cool, but not nearly as cool as footnotes.

(1) Anybody who thinks footnotes are cooler than belly dancing cymbals obviously belongs in academia.