Monday, August 29, 2005


Why is it that all Libertarians are foaming at the mouth crazies?

First, I have to say that I am a Libertarian. I uphold the political ideals of Social Justice, Equality, Peace, and Simple Government. Yet, it would be politically irresponsible for me to vote for any Libertarian candidate.

Tragic, I say. Absolutely tragic.

Well, not all is lost. One still has to admire third parties, as they're much more influential than you'd expect. Political cohesiveness is terribly important in a state like Wisconsin, where a few votes can swing the color of the state. However, in my native state of Texas, the color isn't likely to change anytime soon.

This does not mean that you can't influence the politics of the dominant party. Being a libertarian, besides eventually making you hear voices in your head, sends a message to party leaders. This message helps to shift party lines, eventually.

This sort of system can work very well, especially in a multi-party system where representation is by percentage vote and not by political majority. It doesn't make sense to have 100% of political influence go to a party that has 51% support. A system like this tends to simplify causes and create a lot tension between people who should be dedicated towards making our society better... not fighting eachother.

Why not have 51% of the political power go towards the party that got 51% support?

Not that you have to agree with me on this obvious choice, of course. The beauty of democracy is within the expression of different beliefs and ideas... which means you're not allowed to beat me up next time you see me for being Libertarian. Right?

... right?

Friday, August 26, 2005

Public Library Documentaries

Am I the only one that's noticed something rather peculiar?

Often, I borrow documentaries from the Madison Public Library, which I do to avoid spending my time reading books that I'm not really interested in. I simply watch the nicely-packaged, informative tape and, should I find the subject intriguing, I subsequently borrow a book to find out more.

I realize this makes me very dorky, but I find it pleasing to know random facts about the fall of communism, Lithuanian history, and the mating habits of bonobo monkeys.

However, every time I borrow these videos I have to air out my room. Why? Well, it so happens they smell strongly of HIPPY! That earthy, 'I haven't had a bath in fourteen days' odor that is so common in the campus humanities building, cooperative living houses, and Earth First meetings.

My question is: How does one purposefully get a video to smell like a hippy? Is it some plastic that emits a terrible stench? Couldn't they find a 'cleaner' plastic to use? Is the other person who rents documentaries so bad smelling that the odor clings to the video permanently? Would I recognize this person by passing out in public from coming too close to him/her?

Or perhaps the person simply smears the video across their skin, in obvious elation to learn more about the Mesopotamian civilization.

I'm not sure, but they are all disturbing thoughts nonetheless.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

We stand before your threshold
With memories of lazy embrace
Two feet firm upon the ground
I watch you fly away
Envious of your affair
with the shadowy and distant moon
Yet afraid to do more than whisper
my need for you
Lest you finally look into my eyes

I shall miss you.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

At last, the terrible days of moving and readjusting are over. Now I get to start my University Routine so I can subsequently break it with too much partying and slacking off. So with university and moving day in mind, I'm reminded of a yearly ritual.

Every summer I swear two things:

1. I'll never move again. It's way too much hassle and this apartment is so cool! I should just stay here until I finish (insert endeavor I am in the city for).

2. I'm actually going to study this year. My education is so important and I'm doing myself a disservice by not doing homework and constantly skipping class. I'm turning over a new leaf! Scholarly lifestyle, here I come!

Well... here I go again, making those pledges.

I won't mention that this year will be my hardest so far. Good thing I forgot that dropping all my hard courses and saving them for later would eventually come to bite me in the end. Ug.

And moving! I love actually being in a new place, but the process itself is pretty sucktastic. The worst aspect of any transition is my least favorite of all the materials, glass. Yes, Glass. It not only has the audacity to 'shatter,' exploding into a million pieces, but it taunts you with injury and danger. I'm under a distinct impression that glass is rather malicious and vain.

Well, for one, I'm not putting up with it anymore. No more wrapping everything transparent in my life up in newspaper every time I want to be free to roam around and live where I like.

So, I'm off to replace everything with good old fashioned plastic. Hurray for yuppie society.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I don't have internet right now. Currently, I'm going through internet withdrawls.

When someone asks you if you have a computer, they don't mean do you have a monitor, CPU, and keyboard. They mean internet access.

I am totally addicted to information access.

Besides that, things have been relatively constant in their flux. My boyfriend has moved out of Madison in preparation to move across the nation, so I find myself suddenly single and without anybody worthy of cuddling with. Add to this my final move from my old apartment and my roommate going back to Europe... permanently. Things are under constant construction downtown just in time for all twentysomethings in Madison to move on the same day.

Yet, moving day has passed and I am left typing in a public library.

Hurray for me. I think I'll count the minutes until I get my cable net installed.