Monday, June 11, 2007

Boundaries of the State

So, I'm starting to get a dislike for a certain quote.

The Wisconsin Idea is the thought that civilization should be fueled by service-minded, thoughtful people. The University of Wisconsin has produced many well-informed government policies and scientific discoveries in past years. A lot of this was started by the university president "Charles Van Hise" in his speech to the campus body.

It is the educated person's duty to give what he can to the betterment of society. No matter what you study, you can help your fellow man by education, empowerment, and research.

All this was summarized into a short, vulgar phrase, "The boundaries of the University are the boundaries of the State." Mainly, I suspect this was a ploy to get increased funding from the Wisconsin government. While I'm all for supporting our educational system and economy by providing adequate university funding, it's not worth taking a good idea and turning it into a marketing scheme.

If the citizens of this state are not paying attention to the benefits a university brings to Wisconsin, then maybe our academic body has not been giving back the way we used to in the early twentieth century.

Oh, and research where your quotes come from before you use them. Why not use a quote from La Follete, Van Hise, or (the good) McCarthy? It's much better than a marketing flyer.