Monday, May 29, 2006

I sometimes wonder if that's what it was like before we had civilization, when we were barely more than monkeys, yet we understood what mortality was and that we are transient creatures.

Would two individuals meet in a huge, scary world that went far beyond their ability to comprehend... wandering through life as one would stumble through a dark cavern? Would these individuals then hold hands and suddenly understand that we do not have to brave this world alone? Although we cannot hope to solve the existential dilemma, at least one person would wander in the dark with us.

I hear people ask, 'Is my companion attractive? How socially acceptable will it be for me to hold this person's hand? Will other people think less of me if I love this individual? If I dated someone of greater beauty, would I be worth more?'

I wander through life, and though told I have the light of reason, I understand that we are still in that same dark cave. Of what importance are these questions... for, in the end, we have little sight. I shall love my partner for his or her voice. I shall love my partner for the light he brings into my life. For, in essence, I am blind. Why should one let that which you cannot see keep you from that which brings you joy... especially when this joyous thing has been holding your hand all along?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I had a dream, recently.

I sailed across a vast ocean to a foreign land. At the blessed sight of shore, we disembarked. I held my flag up high in triumph. I dug the flagpole deep into the earth, claiming the new territory for the glory of the Americas.

An older man in a grey suit and with an English accent came forward.

"Aye, Aye! You can't claim us... We live here! Scores of us!"

Obviously, they were not a civilized lot, so I continued.

"From this point forward, your people shall be called 'Native British Islanders.'"

A land unspoiled by human advancement.

An unruly lot, they were. They had this archaic system of government, where the tribal elders would walk into a cave through one of a set of wooden doors to show their political beliefs.

I think they worshiped an ent with a tiara on it. I couldn't tell with all the vines holding it steadfastly to the throne.

I only have to say that I was terribly amused when I awoke.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Wow, this is amazing.

FOX news had an interview with Shirley Phelps Roper, the daughter of Fred Phelps. Besides the fact that is woman is completely OFF HER ROCKER, it's almost more amazing that FOX news sided on what is traditionally thought of as 'our side.'

By 'our side,' I mean the gay one. However, maybe it's not so surprising. I mean, in this case, our side is also the SANE side. Fred Phelps has danced on Matthew shepherd's grave every year since he died, to celebrate his 'going to Hell.' In case you didn't know, Shepard was brutally beaten and crucified for being gay years ago. Phelps continues to celebrate his death and preaches that God hates 'gays.' However, Phelps is keeping his stock diverse... and no I don't mean the genetics of his children, I mean his endeavors. Phelps has recently begun to protest the burial of American soldiers because they show the wrath of God for them defending a country that loves us homosexuals.

But, that's not the only wierd sister in the bunch. FOX doesn't have the greatest history of being open-minded, either. FOX seems to court the Republican, and less gay-friendly populace of America, and during many interviews, they take the conservative or even religious side of an argument. So, after watching this interview, I find myself somewhat destabilized by two rather extreme occurrences:

1. Shirley Phelps' insane ramblings

I wonder what HER bedtime prayers are like...

2. ...and the fact that FOX news seems to be almost on our side (for once.)

It's too much to handle at the same time. It almost makes me want to thank God for Shirley Phelps Roper, who does a fantastic job of reminding me why I do activist work. The world simply isn't right until this goes away. I'd love to know how many people just hit rock bottom after watching that video, and turned to 'our side.'

and in case you haven't seen it yet, the video is available online.

Don't eat before you watch it... I warned you.